February 22, 2017

What is LEMS?

LEMS Meaning.

LEMS is short for Liquid Encapsulated Microspray Sealing.  It is a process usually employed to prepare capsule in a very secure manner so that the medicinal extract content of the sample is maintained in highest quality.

High quality products needs to be contained in a high quality manner so that the quality and integrity of the product is not compromised.

UniqueTechnology Guarantees Better Bioavailability and Efficacy of Health Supplements

As the active lifestyle creates higher awareness for health and wellness, more and more people are looking at nutrition and dietary supplements as complementing factors to any fitness activity. Research studies indicate that mobile individuals prefer health supplements over original food sources because of the “handiness” such products offer. While this is the case, however, bioavailability, or the actual amount of product that effectively reaches the bloodstream, is a characteristic more and more consumers investigate. How a substance enters the body affects how much of the initial dose ultimately becomes available to the body. Increased bioavailability means increased value.

LEMS Technology Ensures Higher Product Potency and Bioavailability

In pharmaceutical formulations, even minor water migration — as little as 6% — can significantly reduce product potency by 45%. The patented LEMS (Liquid Encapsulated Microspray Sealing) Technology is a revolutionary way of sealing liquid capsules that ensures a completely leak-resistant enclosure. This guarantees product freshness and protects the content from potential degradation caused by moisture.

Oxygen is an enemy to many dietary supplements as well as pharmaceutical formulations. With LEMS technology, the capsule is flushed with nitrogen to eliminate oxygen from the final sealed product. Proof of this is the presence of the nitrogen bubble visible through the transparent capsule.

Some people may find taste as a major deterrent to taking supplements or any oral remedy; consumers are not prepared to make trade-offs between benefits and taste. The process behind LEMS makes possible for the capsule to be less permeable than soft gels to oxygen. This eliminates any unpleasant smells or tastes of certain remedies.

Natracare logoNatracare Offers Quality Products that Utilizes the Revolutionary LEMS Technology

In its quest to provide Filipinos with safe, effective and affordable alternative medicines and food supplements, Natracare, a fast-rising maverick in the local pharmaceutical industry, markets and distributes products that are assured to deliver the most value. Manufactured in France under the stringent quality control of the European Union, Natracare products utilize the patented LEMS technology to ensure faster absorption and better bioavailability. This assures local consumers of getting only highly innovative and effective health care products that meet the ever-changing needs of a discriminating market.

Natracare products, such as Garlicare (Iwas stroke at heart attack), Ultiman (Be the ultimate man for her), Prime C Kids (The non-acidic Vitamin C) are available at Mercury Drug and leading drugstores nationwide. Other products can be purchased online through www.lazada.com.ph . You may also directly purchase through our main office located at Unit 404 Union Square Condominium, 15th Avenue Cubao, Quezon City.

For more inquiries,  call 3760929 or 09175151300.

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