July 30, 2017

Garlic As Cold And Flu Remedy.

Most likely you may have encountered someone using Garlic as means to cure colds, flu and many other common ailments. Though garlic is best known for managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, garlic is also one of the most popular folk remedy especially coming the cold and flu season. Now, not only as a traditional […]

July 17, 2017

Bakit Maraming Food Supplements Ang Di Mabisa?

Sa kasalukuyan ay napakaraming food supplements na ang nasa merkado. Marami ang nagsasabi ng kani-kanilang kahalagahan sa pangangalaga ng ating katawan. Ang ating araw araw na pamumuhay ay kadalasang nagbabawas ng kalakasan sa atin kahit na sapat ang ating kinakain sa araw araw ay hindi pa rin ito sapat para tayo ay lubos na mapangalagaan […]

June 20, 2017

Top 7 Reasons To Take Garlic.

Almost everyone I know can recognize or have encountered garlic. It is maybe taken for granted due to its notoriety of giving everyone stinky brief especially if taken on its pure form orally. Nonetheless, garlic has found its way to many cuisines all over the world. Garlic would actually make many dishes taste superb and […]

April 15, 2017


Ano ang Heat Stroke? Ang heat stroke ay isang abnormal na pagtaas ng temperatura ng katawan na nag-reresulta sa physical at neurological disorders. Ang heat stroke ay isang medical emergency na maaring makamamatay kung hindi kaagad ma-agapan at mabigyan ng tamang lunas. Ang katawan natin ay normal na lumilikha ng init dahil sa ginagawang metabolism. […]

April 4, 2017

What is Transient Ischemic Attack?

Introduction. DURING ischemia, tissues do not get enough oxygen because blood flow through vessels that supply those tissues is impeded. An ischemic attack in the brain resembles a stroke resulting from a cerebral embolism, but a transient ischemic attack differs in that the symptoms last for less than 24 hours. A sudden onset of weakness […]

March 28, 2017

Why Garlic Is Good For The Heart?

Why Garlic is Good for the Heart? Researchers have cracked the mystery of why eating garlic can help keep the heart healthy. The key is “Allicin”, which is broken down into the foul-smelling sulphur compounds which taint breath. These compounds react with red blood cells and produce hydrogen sulphide which relaxes the blood vessels, and […]

March 27, 2017

Nutrient Efficacy As Enhanced by New Technology

  Nutrient Efficacy Enhanced by New Technology. As the active lifestyle creates higher awareness for health and wellness, more and more people are looking at nutrition and dietary supplements as complementing factors to any fitness activity. Research studies indicate that mobile individuals prefer health supplements over original food sources because of the handiness such products […]

March 9, 2017

Triglycerides: Hindi Dapat Bale-walain

Ano ang Triglyceride? Ang triglyceride ay isang uri ng taba (lipid o stored fats) sa ating dugo na umiikot sa ating katawan. Kapag tayo ay kumakain, ang ating katawan ay nag co-convert ng calories, na hindi  kailangan kaagad at ito ay nagiging triglycerides. Itong mga triglycerides ay naka imbak lamang sa ating fat cells, na […]

March 6, 2017

5 Things About Heart Care That Are Borderline Genius.

​ Introduction. Our Heart and Its Importance. Your heart is one of the most important and most interesting organs of your body. Oftentimes it is referred to as your true self or your inner man, that is why it is not only associated with your physical aspect but on your spiritual status as well, Interestingly, […]