We use LEMS Technology, so what we say is fresh and effective.

LEMS Technology

Surveys indicate that more than fifty percent of the U.S. population have either used or tried food supplements at some point in their lives.  While this is the case, however, bioavailability, or the actual amount of product that effectively reaches the bloodstream, is a question that consumers are only now starting to ask.  How a substance enters the body affects how much of the initial dose ultimately becomes available to the body.  Increased bioavailability means increased efficacy.


LEMS Technology Ensures Higher Product Potency and Bioavailability

In pharmaceutical formulations, even minor water migration — as little as 6% — can significantly reduce product potency by 45%.  The patented LEMS (Liquid Encapsulated Microspray Sealing) technology is a revolutionary way of sealing liquid capsules that ensures a completely leak-resistant enclosure.  This guarantees product freshness and protects the content from potential degradation caused by moisture